Never Before in a Thousand Years!

For many centuries the population of the middle Kingdom prayed to the celestial spirits of the immortal, venerable Fox fairies. The divine Fox fairies arrived from astral dimensions and came to reside in the great palaces of the Big Dipper.

The Jade emperor, celestial monarch of the world, sends the sacred Fox fairy spirits to our earthly dimension, for the purpose of testing the integrity and internal character of mortals. In order to journey from the Big Dipper to Earth, the Fox fairies must assume the form of a simple woodland Fox. Then they have to learn the customs of mortals under their celestial Fox tutors and pass their tests. Only those who pass the tests enable the transformation from a woodland Fox to a magic Fox Fairy. Usually, most Fox fairies either take the form of a beautiful young woman, a wise older Sage or a brilliant scholar.

Often, the divine Fox fairy takes the form of the venerable, celestial husband, Mr. Hu, and his honorable celestial wife, Mrs. Hu. These powerful, omniscient deities can reward mortals by bestowing health, wealth and prosperity. For centuries, men prayed to the venerable Mr. Hu obtaining good luck in gambling, success in business affairs, social recognition and longevity. Women who prayed to the celestial Mrs. Hu were blessed with healthy children. Women who desired a content future were rewarded with a rich, benevolent husband and a prosperous family life.

High Priest Blessing

Abbott Lui

Temple of Original Simplicity - Center of Traditional Taoist Studies

The great altar of the Hu Xian heavenly Foxes was personally blessed by the Taoist Abbot.

Your Prayers Will Be Answered By The Venerable Fox Deities, Mr. Hu and Mrs. Hu.

Today, the venerable images of the celestial Fox Fairies, Mr. and Mrs. Hu are available.
Currently, it is possible to erect a personalized home altar, specifically designed to pray to the great Fox fairy spirits, Mr. and Mrs. Hu.
The great celestial Fox deities are giving mortals who sincerely pray to them rewards of bringing good luck, longevity, wealth and prosperity.

The altar of the celestial Fox fairies, Mr. Hu and Mrs. consists of:

Ornate Wooden Chest
Consecrated Altar of the
Venerable Mr. Hu and Mrs. Hu
Personalized Magic
Taoist diagram
Candle from the Temple
of the Heavenly Foxes
Blessed Temple Incense
Ornate Wooden Chest
Mr. & Mrs. Hu’s Consecrated Altar
Personalized Magical Diagram
Candle from the Fox Fairies Temple
Blessed Sandal Incense Sticks

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Magical Chest: Altar, candle, incense sticks and diagram.